Thursday 30 April 2020

Boyne Berries 28 - The Covid Issue

Boyne Writers Group marked Poetry Ireland Day 2020 in these remarkable times by compiling a special digital issue of their magazine Boyne Berries. The magazine was launched on 30 April 2020 and is available free as a pdf download. Poems had to adhere to the theme chosen by Poetry Ireland for that day: “There will be time.”

From the Editor's Foreword:

Poetry Ireland asked us to consider the notion that ‘There will be time’ and we responded with a wonderful wave of poetry, a tsunami as great as that off Kanagawa, spilling on the shores of that universe, the heart, in foams of cherry blossom words.

In this pandemic we seek each other out at a distance. The Dog of Technology has its day. What is important, health, family, friendship and the natural world have come to be our pillows. The writers, the musicians and the dreamers arrive to save our souls and raise our spirits.

We stand on the shoulders of giants shooting arrows of hope, pulled back to go further forward to a better future, as Venus glimmers in the evening sky. We are in this together.

It has been an honour to edit this online issue of Boyne Berries which is intended to be a beacon in darkness. Thank you to all the contributors.

Is mise, le meas,   Orla

Rachel Coventry reads her poem from this issue:

Michael Farry reads his poem from this issue:

Sinéad MacDevitt reads her poem from this issue:

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  1. Yes, the Kovide issue...
    just like the Kodiak bear:
    he CANNOT gonna touch a
    single hair on thy head
    ~IF~ you gotta seedOfaith.